10 apps on your iphone that you need to install

1. Wunderlist Amongst the avalanche of events and matters to do hard work without a calendar or a good organizer. At present, this feature can take over the phone. Although iPhone has the default Calendar and Reminder applications, we recommend using the Wunderlist. In our opinion, this is one of the best applications for listing things we have to do. All matters may be segregated into suitable groups, and the most important ones may be further distinguished. Another advantage of Wunderlist is its versatility, we will use the application not only on the smartphone (iOS and Android), but also tablet and computer, from the web browser. Price: Free Alternative: Remember The Milk, HQ: To Do (1,59 Euro)

The iPhone and smartphones have successfully conquered the market. They have everything a user can dream of, and if they do not have it, then surely a suitable application has already been created!

In our compilation we will present just 10 programs, which should download everyone just after unpacking the phone from the box. Of course, the Apple Store app is plenty and it's a subjective choice, we're looking forward to your types in the comments 🙂

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