Universal translator from Star Trek

In the Star Trek series, the heroes use special translators who interpret the languages ​​of other races, making it easy to communicate with them. Waverly Labs' New York startup has decided to create a similarly functioning device.

The product is called Pilot, and unlike Cortana or Google Translate offering translation capabilities from other languages, it does not need to operate an online network and function completely online, translating in real time the conversation of two people.

The technology currently only supports languages ​​spoken in Europe such as English, Spanish, French and Italian, but Waverly Labs promises that the device will soon be translated into the languages ​​spoken by East Asian and African peoples.

Of course, they will be paid additionally, unless you order a pre-sales translator on -the-pilot-smart-earpiece-language-translator / coming_soon Indiegogo, where funds are collected to start production. Pre-sales will start from May 25, and the first orders will begin in the spring.

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